Bottle Recycling Services in Calgary

At Uptown Bottle Depot, our goal is to make recycling your empty bottles, cans, and pouches quick and easy here at our Calgary facility. We have a few different return options to suit your needs.

Bottle Drop-Off

We will help you sort your empties in our large serving area while our computer system tallies the amount to further speed up the process and ensure prompt and precise refunds.

Donation Bins

We like to support our community, and we know you do too, which is why we offer you the opportunity to donate your return refunds to two great local fundraising programs: Alberta Cans for Kids and the Calgary Inter-Faith Food Bank Society.

Bottle Drives

From Scouts to sports teams or even your own charitable initiative, we can help you plan a successful bottle drive when you book your next one with us. We also offer commercial pick-up for participating businesses.

Office/Retail Bottle Drives and Pick-Ups

Uptown Bottle Depot offers commercial pick-up services for area businesses that generate a lot of empty beverage containers. Please contact us for more details.

Secure Electronics Recycling

Why not clean out the WHOLE garage in one trip? 

Uptown now offers electronics recycling! From microwaves to computers to cords of all kinds.  Bring it in with your recycling and breathe a sigh of relief.